Convenient - Click on. Click off.
Versatility - Easily transform your RX frame into sunglasses and readers.
Custom Made - Fits ANY frame.
Lightweight - Reap the benefits of an add-on lens without bearing the weight of the standard clip-on.

Chemistrie Clip-Ons!

Many ways to customize your clip-ons!

Now, with Chemistrie custom clips you are able to add sun protection to any optical frame. Easy to use and fashionable. Chemistrie clips come in many colors and style lens options. They are customized to fit the exact shape of your eye glasses and match the same curve as your lens to offer maximum protection and reduce glare. All lenses offered in the Chemistrie clips are polarized and come with a backside anti-reflective coating to help reduce any glare. Even if you already have an existing pair of glasses you can utilize this technology to add a clip. We make your custom clip in office while you wait for convenience. They are affordable and offer more options than just the typical clips that are available from manufactures.

Stop by one of our offices and we will show you a demonstration on the ease of use and how Chemistrie clips will improve the function of your eye glasses!

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