Preventive Eyecare


Dr Bermel believes in preventive eyecare. What does this mean? It's the understanding that before things become a problem they are addressed and treated. We offer many services and options for patients who wish to help prevent damage to the eyes before they become a problem. Listed below are many devices and ways to help our patients be preventive with the care of their eyes:

- Corneal Molding (studies have shown it's possible to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness)
- Developmental Vision (vision therapy and excercises to help strengthen eye muscles and vision)
- Prokera (amniotic membrane that helps the eye heal after damage; cornea ulcers, abrassions, damage from dryness and corneal errosion - helps healing and reduces in scar tissue)
- VEP (visually evoked potential - analyzes how the brain receives information from your eyes)
- OCT (optical coherence tomography - catches eye certain eye diseases 7-8 years bsfore they present)
- Visual Fields (catches and monitors central or peripheral vision loss)

- Lipiflow (technology used to treat evaporative dry eye - helps clear blockages from meibonian glands before they die)
- Polarized sunglasses (protecting the eyes surface and lens from harmful UV rays)
- Blue light technology (protecting the eyes from the side effects of blue light emitted from mobile devices, computers and lighting)

BlephEx® (removes scurf, biofilm and bacterial exotoxins, the main causes of inflammatory lid disease, thereby improving the health of the eyelid)

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