Prokera - Amniotic Membrane that helps heal the surface of your cornea.

PROKERA® is class II medical device composed of CryoTek™ amniotic membrane in a thermoplastic ring set. PROKERA® is a unique, active, treatment option for ocular surface and corneal wound healing due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring properties.

- Intuitive -

PROKERA® is designed to conform snugly to the ocular surface and can be inserted in the office.
Innovative -

PROKERA® delivers the unique healing properties of cryopreserved amniotic membrane in a convenient, sutureless, thermoplastic ring set.
BIOTISSUE’s proprietary CryoTek™ processing method preserves the active extracellular matrix (ECM) components of the amniotic membrane:

- Active Components -
Heavy chain hyaluronic acid

PTX 3 [HC-HA activator]

Collagens (types I, III, IV, V, and VI)




Growth Factors