Dr. Michael J. Bermel is a perfectionist who does not cut corners or settle for "good enough." He spends at least 30 to 45 minutes with you to ensure that your prescription is perfect. The results are amazing . . . kids with better grades, headaches relieved, reading habits restored, and healthier eyes in the future. Dr Bermel has been practicing for over 20 years!

Dr Michael J Bermel OD

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"I am beyond thankful and impressed with the attention and care I received from Dr. Bermel and his office assistants. Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, my eye began to swell and close up towards the end of the work day. I frantically called Dr. Bermel’s office and was kindly told that although it was nearing 7:30 pm, Dr. Bermel was concerned and willing to see me that night. He even cancelled his own prior plans to ensure he could take the time to fully evaluate my situation. After checking everything thoroughly and explaining the seriousness and urgency of my condition, he prescribed antibiotics to treat my eye. Another thing I found remarkable is that when Dr. Bermel prescribed me the medicine, he made sure I understood what it was for and exactly how it should be used. I left his office that night feeling lucky to have been seen on such short notice, especially given the gravity of the situation. Dr. Bermel is an incredibly comprehensive optometrist who has his patients’ best interests at heart."

 -   Kelly S. - Dec 2013

"I wear my glasses everyday and it is important that I have a pair or two that I feel comfortable in and that fit well. I am grateful for all the time spent by Dr. Bermel’s staff helping me find the right frames. Rhea took the time to show me frames that compliment my face shape and work for my prescription. I am extremely happy with the frames I have now as a result of my visit. My husband and children will also be making a visit soon."

- Dana S. - Dec 2013

"I was not really certain as to the necessity of computer glasses when the idea was first introduced to me. I figured, 'why do I need glasses to look at the computer? I dont have a problem seeing the computer. It's seeing things far away from me is the problem.' What I didnt realize is that by using my distance glasses to look at the computer screen, I was straining my eyes. The difference between looking at the computer with computer glasses and distance glasses is like night and day. With my distance glasses, it almost felt like I was looking into a tunnel and the words were at the end of the tunnel. While I could see everything on the screen, everything was extemely small. Often at the end of the day, my eyes would be focused strangely after I got up from the computerand my head would be hurting from my eyes straining. With computer glasses, everything on the screen seems what I could call "regular sized" and I havent had one headache at the end of a day of staring at the screen. I can definitely say that the computer glasses have make it A LOT easier for me to make it through a long day of staring at the computer screen."

- Gregg S. - April 2007

"I've been wearing glasses since kindergarten and always sat in the front seat in school, not to be teacher's pet, but to see the blackboard clearly. I'm in my sixties now and still taking courses (French, Italian and German) and was still sitting in the front of row until I got your prescription. Now, for the first time in my life, I can see just as clearly from the back row! My vision has never been this good. Things are startlingly clear. Edges are razor sharp. Your prescription is so much better than any prior one that I find it difficult to understand why no one was able to fit me as well before.
Also, the conjunctivitis I've battled since my early teens, which flared up again about five years ago and did not respond well to antibiotics and other treatments by an opthalmologist, has improved very much following your reccomendation of thrice daily eyelid cleaning with specially treated lid scrub pads. My eyes are more comfortable now than they have been in many years.

Better late than never - yes. But I wish I had come to you 60 years ago. Please accept my heartfelt thanks."


- William K. - 2005

"I am writing to thank Dr Bermel for the excellent care you have provided and tremenous results you have helped me to achieve through precision corneal molding therapy. As you will recall, my vision was approximately -3.50 diopters in both eyes. With this therapy, Ive been sleeping in the specially fitted gas permeable lenses on a nightly basis. I typically take these lenses out within an hour or so of waking and am able to see clearly and thiout glasses or contacts throuhgout the day.In the late evening I simply repeat the process by putting the contacts back in. The results have been outstanding! Through the four years that I've been undergoing this therapy, you have also successfully refit new precision lenses as the shape of my cornea gradually changed. In each case, you were able to determine a fit that would allow me to see without the need of glasses or contacts after removing the lenses. Your patience and dedication to getting a perfect fit, and the many hours you have spent in ensuring that a long term, sustainable solution was achieved are a tribute you and to your profession."

- With sincere thanks, Tom K. - Sept 2002

Dr Mojde Bahremand OD


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Dr Tricia Jarvis OD


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