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Dr Bermel has been a practicing optometrist in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. Using state-of-the-art, high-tech equiptment for dry eye and eye diseases, including retinal photography. Dr Bermel has detected many medical diseases by doing detailed examinations of the eye. Maintaining the health of your eyes is our #1 goal. We provide our patients with cutting-edge quality professional products and services that are differentiated by their value, not just their price. Each office has an optical area with many quality frames and polarized sunglasses to choose from!

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Fairfax Office
10640 Main St Ste100
Fairfax, VA. 22030


Leesburg Office
55A Catoctin Cir NE
Leesburg, VA. 20175


Gainesville Office
7945 Stonewall Shops Sq
Gainesville, VA. 20155


Ashburn Office
43330 Junction Plaza Ste120
Ashburn, VA. 20176


Patient testimonials and interactions with Dr Bermel.

Lipiflow with Mark

Dr Bermel and Mark

We provide proactive care for our patients. Lipiflow clears out blocked glands which will die off. Once these glands die it cannot be reversed. Many patients who suffer from dry eye will benefit from the Lipiflow procedure.

The eyes are a look into our health!

Dr Bermel finds brain tumor in eye examination.

This patient shares their story about Dr Bermel discovering a brain tumor in a family member after doing a routine eye exam. Even if you do not have a prescription it is important to have the health of your eyes checked at least once a year. 

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Featured Products:

Chemistrie Clips!

We offer complete custom Polarized, Reading and BluLight Filter clips made on site in our Leesburg office. Call us for inquiries.

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